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screenwriter | Producer

Buck Rivers


I want to create something special. As a producer, I love to see things come together into a cohesive whole. I enjoy the grind of organizing people and piecing together the elaborate puzzle that is the production of a film. I'm a storyteller at heart so I am interested in moving people through film. It's one thing to just make it happen. It is another thing to deeply care about the product and make sure that it does the job of inspiring people to change.

I seek out films that will affect me. I want to be uncomfortable, I want to cry, I want to jump out of my seat, and I want to change. The best films are films that make you see the world differently after you see them. Whether that is a shocking documentary that makes you give up eating fast food (for about a week), or a horror film that makes you turn all of the lights on in your home. The worst film is a film that you forget. 

My favorite films of the past ten years or so include Mother!, Pariah, The Mist, Get Out and Annihilation. They all had me thinking about them for days afterward or at the very least, had me squirming in my chair during. 

I want to use animation to tell these types stories. It's a tool that is seldom used in the states to change people. I intend to make my mark on the industry by showing people its unfettered potential. 

I am the founder of ImagineOnly Productions and the Co-Host of Bantucentric, a comedic Black interest podcast.



Elmwood (Brand Consultancy)

May 2019 - Present

Office Manager

Elmwood works to set up brands for success in the competitive advertising market. 

As an Office Manager, my job is to keep the boat floating at all times. I am often the face of the company for first time clients who come to the office. I'm also in charge of maintaining general morale among the employees and solving office related problems on the fly. My job is never to say "no" but instead ensure that if I don't have an answer, I know where to find one.

Sideline Source Network

May 2019 - Present

Administrative Assistant

Sideline Source is an up-and-coming Sports News Website.

As Administrative Assistant, my job is to make sure that any tasks that facilitate the creative process are being completed without a hitch. I create spreadsheets, manage basic budgets, on-board potential clients and artists, set up meetings, hand out and collect contact information, draft and answer emails, and generally just curate an environment for my employer that will produce the most creativity under the least amount of stress.

Company, 13th Generation Productions

January 2018 - December 2019

Production Coordinator on The Dragons of Melgor.

"Galaxy Quest meets Filmation Battlestar Galactica with a pinch of Buck Rogers for taste." The Dragons of Melgor is an animated 70s science fiction homage. It stars Dirk Benedict and Kurt Yaegar, playing themselves. The actors are swept away into the land of Melgor and are tasked with defeating the evil Rog Mansoon and the Darkmind. The film is written and directed by Turner Van Ryn and Steve Romanko.

Company, Studio X 400A

January 2018 - March 2019

VFX Coordinator on Me Time, Written by Iyabo Boyd.

StudioX is a collaborative learning environment to further the skills of advanced students with treal world training. This in turn would help students transition into the industry as seamlessly as possible. Cathrine Tate, in collaboration with Sasha Korellis, established this collaborative class in 2006 at AAU which has produced visual effects students to filmmakers to create a more real world experience in the classroom. StudioXʼs most recent work includes Beasts of the Southern Wild which was nominated for four Acedemy Awards including best picture, 2013 Sundance and Festival de Cannes winner Fruitvale Station, and the feature, Bluebird that opened the 2013 Tribeca film festival.

Company, Gifted Sounds Network

August 2018 - Present

Co-Host on Bantucentric.

This podcast is exactly as the name suggests! We are Bantu, and we are gonna talk your ear off. We're a couple of young adult Black Americans trying to survive in media-focused fields. Just like you, we are beginning to see just how insane this world can get. Boy do we have a lot of say about it.

We're a comedic, discussion podcast. We discuss movies, television, pop-culture, music, politics, and whatever pops into our heads. Some times we're all laughs and some times things get real.

Please feel free to submit topics, Bantus of the Day, and Personal Stories for our monthly Story Time episodes!

Bantucentric is a product of ImagineOnly Productions AND Gifted sounds Network.




VFX Pipeline

Animation Pipeline

Excel (VLookups + PivotTables)

Public Speaking / Communication

Team Building

General Leadership


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere

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Academy of Art University

BFA VFX Producing
Graduated December 2018


Email: Buckriversfilm@gmail.com
Phone: 702 588 2604