Other Works

I strive to create all sorts of interesting art. My culture is very important to me, so I strive to build and grow communities of creators that share that love for diversity and self expression.


Bantucentric (Podcast)

Bantucentric is a MELANIN-stuffed comedic podcast featuring two losers with nothing but things to talk about.

We’re a couple of Bantus discussing movies, music, relationships and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE!!

"Stay Woke! Stay Bantu!"

Bantucentric is brought to you by Gifted Sounds Network and ImagineOnly Productions


Bantucentric Blog

The Bantucentric Blog currently focuses on Black film reviews, but is in the process of expanding to book reviews, news, and general articles mirroring topics featured on the Bantucentric Podcast.


ImagineOnly Productions Blog

The ImagineOnly blog focuses on Movie News and Reviews.