As a producer, my goal is to see things come to fruition. I believe that the best works of film come from dedicated artists with a well crafted plan. The Director's job is to dream. My job is to make sure they can dream without any complications. I take pride in my ability to keep things organized and doable without ever outright saying "no". It's a difficult job, but in the end, it is always worth it. 


Me time

A comedic short (starring Adenike Thomas) about a woman torn between the various ways she can enjoy some intimate "me time." Me Time features the same actress portraying different parts of her own psychi. VFX are used to duplicate the actress within the same space. The film is written by Iyabo Boyd. 

Buck Rivers is the VFX Coordinator for the film.

Me Time has completed production and is currently being featured at festivals.

Me Time won first prize at the Cinekink Festival in NYC in April!


The Dragons of Melgor

"Galaxy Quest meets Filmation Battlestar Galactica with a pinch of Buck Rogers for taste." The Dragons of Melgor is an animated 70s science fiction homage. It stars Dirk Benedict and Kurt Yaegar, playing themselves. The actors are swept away into the land of Melgor and are tasked with defeating the evil Rog Mansoon and the Darkmind. The film is written and directed by Turner Van Ryn and Steve Romanko.

Buck Rivers is the Production Coordinator for the film.


The Boo Hag

The Boo Hag is a 3D animated horror/drama short film written and directed by Buck Rivers. The film features a mother and son fighting to sustain a stellar relationship while warding off a demonic swamp witch straight out of Geechee folklore. The film is currently in pre-production.


Here There Be Dragons

Here There Be Dragons was a fun short that I wrote and produced during my time at the Academy of Art University. This was a great lesson in the power of collaboration. The animation process for this film was lengthy and stressful. We were really uncertain of how the final product was going to look. This film was saved in the edit. We were all shocked to see the final product’s quality. This film taught me to rely on the skills of others. Not everything can or should be done alone.


Dear Audience (2014)

Dear Audience was an assignment at the Academy of Art University. I like this film because it forced me to make the most out of a tight deadline and a very specific set of criteria. I try to implement these skills in all of my work.


College??? (2014)

College??? was an assignment at the Academy of Art University. It was an exercise in camera work. This was the first time I needed to find multiple people to help shoot a short. I learned to be inventive with shots as well as editing. I am fond of the intro sequence of the short for that reason.