I have experience writing for editorials, reviews, narratives and screenplays. I tend to gravitate toward work that allows me to tell stories that don’t easily fit into pre-defined genres. I love dialogue and branching story arcs. Communication is the key to nearly every part of human progression. I believe that communication through writing has a high potential to change lives. I strive to do that as often as possible.


Screenplay Sample

stop resisting (Shortfilm)

“Are you afraid?”

Black men are seen as monsters to many. One police officer is faced with the crushing reality of his biases when he is haunted by the ghost of an unarmed Black man. Will he fight to maintain his perceived justifications, or will he “Stop Resisting"?

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Screenplay Sample

Project Revolver (Shortfilm)

Two Black friends in cowboy hats enter a Cash-4-Gold. They’re looking to sell an enormous gold bar. They’re covered in dirt and bruises and have some wild, supernatural story to tell about where it came from. “Please don’t call the cops on us!”

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Novel Sample


Political Science Fiction Work in Progress



If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

 If Beale Street Could Talk is probably the most beautiful presentation of Black Love in modern cinema. It perfectly encapsulates what it means to truly be committed to the one you love. In a world where the majority of Black representation involves turmoil and distrust, it is so refreshing to see a couple of young, dark skin, Black characters who are determined to be 100% FOR each other. This film is simply important, and gets a solid recommendation from both of the Bantus.